Paysa Market Value Estimate Interactions

Paysa (formerly CompGenome) is a compensation prediction product that helps high tech employees discover and achieve their "Market Salary." Paysa takes a user's entire employment history into account when making predictions, including education, current and former positions, companies, location, and skills. Paysa users can in turn use this information to determine if they are being compensated fairly, if they are worth more or less than they're currently being paid, to discover new opportunities that match their predicted Market Salary, and to research top and trending companies and available jobs.

1. The crux of the Paysa product is the Salary Explorer, the main page that users would see after Paysa had determined a user’s Market Salary based on entered data. I worked with the team alongside a data visualization expert to define the interactions of the Salary Explorer. Note that early stages of the product included the ability to search for real people we had in our database and view their Market Salary, current role, location, and education, as shown in the designs below.

salary explorer

2. In further iterations of the Salary Explorer, I examined interactions that enabled users to understand the pieces that comprise their total Market Salary. These designs explore methods of drilling down, hovering, and uncovering constituent pieces. Note that the engineers were modifying components of a pre-built “glyph,” and as such some pieces (such as the labels) were less easily modified than others, and I designed around these constraints.

market value estimate