Paysa Early Stage Thinking

Paysa (formerly CompGenome) is a compensation prediction product that helps high tech employees discover and achieve their "Market Salary." Paysa takes a user's entire employment history into account when making predictions, including education, current and former positions, companies, location, and skills. Paysa users can in turn use this information to determine if they are being compensated fairly, if they are worth more or less than they're currently being paid, to discover new opportunities that match their predicted Market Salary, and to research top and trending companies and available jobs.

1. The Paysa team already had a product in place when they first approached me to improve their design and user engagement/sign up rate. At the time, the most essential parts of their product were not available without signing in, and required critical user-supplied data to make compensation forecasts. I worked with the team to identify areas of engagement, including more information up front to sell the product, previews of available content, and visualizations of rich data they owned that they had not effectively illustrated. The designs below show a rethinking of the sign up page that enables users to preview a sample of the data available via Paysa, before committing to sign up.

earlystage1   earlystage2

2. In the early stages of the product, the team added two new features – a job search feature based on the user’s personalized Market Salary, and company pages that showed actual Market Salaries of individuals working at those companies, as well as data such as the flow of employees into and out of the company. I brainstormed and wireframed preliminary designs for these features based on the co-founders’ visions and the engineers’ descriptions of the data we had available.