Paysa Company Data and Rank

Paysa (formerly CompGenome) is a compensation prediction product that helps high tech employees discover and achieve their "Market Salary." Paysa takes a user's entire employment history into account when making predictions, including education, current and former positions, companies, location, and skills. Paysa users can in turn use this information to determine if they are being compensated fairly, if they are worth more or less than they're currently being paid, to discover new opportunities that match their predicted Market Salary, and to research top and trending companies and available jobs.

1. Paysa’s company pages provide details about individual positions at each company, based on aggregate data from employees actually in those roles. In addition, the pages show the “flow of talent,” or the companies from which the current employees come from and the companies to which they end up going when they leave. I was given this raw data and asked to design a company page that would not only depict and visualize this data, but engage both signed in and not signed in users (and encourage them to create an account). Below are two sample versions of company page iterations showing different methods of illustrating flow of talent as well as features available to account holders and to general users.

Specific company page, not signed in, verASpecific company page, signed in, verD

2. Company Rank visualizes and organizes companies based on the flow of employees. Rapidly growing companies will rank higher than companies that are not growing or that lose employees. Users could view the top ranked companies or choose specific companies to compare, for example, direct competitors.


3. Mobile version of Company Rank, keeping in mind the team’s request to make minimal changes to mobile so that they would not have to maintain two completely different versions of the product.